CMS by Asseco

Centralized lifecycle management of security credentials

Asseco CMS is a comprehensive, flexible and highly customizable solution specifically designed for managing PKI Certificate Authority (CA), hardware cryptographic devices (smart cards, USB keys, etc.), software certificates (PKCS#12) and certificate requests (PKCS#10, csr) for users and servers/applications.

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Whether you are a Certificate Authority, a bank or an enterprise in need of logical access control, Asseco can provide you with the solution to centrally manage your certificates which have become baseline for identity verification.

The CMS solution is designed specifically to:

  • Allow successful deployment of smart cards or tokens within an organization.
  • Ensure certification of the users or organization servers in soft certificates.

Functionally there are two key features:

  • Supporting different cryptographic devices from different vendors
  • Supporting different CAs

Supporting complex business models

The CMS Solution is highly flexible for integration into an existing IT environment and providing a user-friendly experience. The solution provides a simple web interface which allows the user to handle complex business operations such as issuance of cards/tokens, certificate revocation etc.

Key benefits
  • To ensure efficient provisioning of certificates on PKI HW devices, the CMS from Asseco supports various PKI HW vendors which are globally recognized and in use

  • For successful certificate management, it is essential to have the complete lifecycle under control. This encompasses certificate issuance, PIN provisioning, managing revocation lists and integration into reporting features.

  • To ensure smooth operation in a complex business environment it is necessary to develop adapters which support different CAs. The CMS Solution from Asseco comes with a pre-defined set of widely acknowledged CA connectors (Microsoft, Entrust, Comodo, Verizon…)

  • The supported complex business models require an extensive but easy-to-use set of functionalities for the user to navigate through the process.

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