• Public sector

    Public sector

    ASEE helps organizations in the public sector in their process of digital transformation and smart city initiatives by removing paper from their daily operations using digital signature solutions. Another possibility is to enable secure access to their digital resources by providing logical access controls.

  • Health sector

    Health sector

    Currently, hospitals handle a large amount of paper documents which increases the administrative burden and creates additional costs. ASEE can address those issues by providing the health sector with a digital signature solution and enabling paperless hospitals.

  • Telecommunication sector

    Telecommunication sector

    The sales and procurement process, especially in the B2B segment, requires a quite complex paper document process flow which is time-consuming and out of date. ASEE with its digital signature solution can improve the efficiency of the process and reduce the time needed to contract or procure a service.

  • Oil, Gas and Utility sector

    Oil, Gas and Utility sector

    Similarly to the telecommunication sector, paper-intensive operations are a part of daily life in many sectors. To improve the efficiency of the process and to reduce the cost, ASEE offers the digital signature solution to further the digital transformation of any company. Additionally, to secure access to critical digital resources, logical access control can be provided through other solutions.

  • Insurance sector

    Insurance sector

    Substantial workforce in the field aiming to sign insurance contracts need a quick and digital solution to make the process more effective. Taking this into account, digital signature solution is a part of the problem-solving suite aimed to optimize the salesforce process.

  • Banking and Finance

    Banking and Finance

    It is all about becoming digital and keeping it secure. Complex and highly regulated IT environments require proven solutions that would assist them in tightening their IT security policies as well as provide their customers with a fully digital experience such as virtual branches and remote digital document signing.