PKI RDS (Remote Digital Signature) is equivalent to a handwritten signature. The digital signature of a document is not what it seems to be - a scan of the handwritten signature pasted on a document. To enhance security levels and achieve legal validity, RDS-signed documents carry an Advanced Electronic Signature.

Today’s customers are accustomed to the banking which allows them to use online channels. To encourage the use of legally valid contracts signed online and provide a high level of convenience to customers, it is necessary to enable complete client mobility, with a minimum need for visiting branch offices.

For that reason Asseco SEE offers a solution which is secure, easy to use and client platform independent.

From a commercial and efficiency point of view there is also a strong drive to replace paper-based processes with secure, electronic ones. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to implement a simple solution that enables users and an organization’s personnel to produce electronic documents in a form which is as legal as the one of paper-based documentation, and which can be accomplished by means of using the RDS digital signatures. This solution can be used on any browser or Smart Phone/Tablet device.

Key functionalities

  • Customer mobility – no need for a customer to visit the branch office in order to sign contracts with a Bank. Users are able to sign documents from any location, as the e-document signing application is always available on the Internet.
  • Cost reduction – the cost of providing each end user with secure devices (and readers) is often too high for most business applications where a large number of users are involved.
  • More time for customers – The time organizations need to spend on handling issues with third party applications, service desk calls and all other logistic requirements is not insignificant. If there are no applications to be installed, clients will not have any problems.
  • Enhanced usability - no need for Smart Cards, Smart Card readers or any additional software to be installed on client computers.
  • Browser and OS independent – client platform-independent, all modern web browsers are supported, suitable for personal computers, Smart Phones/Tablets, Windows, MAC or Linux Operating systems.
  • Enhanced Security and Key Protection - the private keys are generated in a high security environment and never leave it. Private keys are under the user’s sole control, protected by the user’s password at all times.
  • Zero footprint – documents are signed without a need for pre-installing any document signing software. Documents are uploaded on RDS, signed online, and, if necessary, they can be downloaded upon signing.
  • Central Key Management – simplifies otherwise complex tasks like key issuing and renewal, certificate suspension or revocation.
  • Compliance with regulations – compliant with regulations relating to advanced digital signatures (eIDAS) generated in a remote secure environment (eIDAS, EN 419241- 1:2018).
  • Support for the legacy applications – the usage of the developed specialized RDS Client Cloud PKCS#11 middleware installed on the local computer allows digital signature applications (e.g. Adobe Acrobat) the transparent use of the certificates stored in RDS in the same way as if they were connected or stored on a local computer.